Sunday morning blaze affects nearby businesses

Ten emergency crews worked to contain a fire in downtown Amarillo Sunday morning.

Crews were called out to the storage warehouse building on Polk Street at about 5 a.m.

Nathan Sherman works nearby at Hawkins Trailers and Equipment. He and his family also live on the second floor.

"I woke up about 6:15 in the morning. The whole apartment was completely engulfed in smoke and the first thought in my head was the building is on fire," Sherman said.

He said the smoke is what woke him up.

Sherman was told it was safe to stay in his home, but the discovery of a basement in the burning building forced him and his family to evacuate.

City Church is located across the street. Senior Pastor Donnie Lane said they were unable to see across the street.

"It was complete white out and it looked like a giant fog had rolled. I'm not sure what was burning but it was creating a tremendous amount of white smoke," Lane said.

They had to cancel Sunday services and their school was closed on Monday.

"For a lot of the parents, it's hard when we are not able to have school because they work a lot of single moms and things like that. But I do think we'll be back with school tomorrow," Lane said.