Summer months mean critical need at Coffee Memorial Blood Center

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center says they're entering into the months they struggle the most to keep their blood supply stocked. In fact, they're in critical need of O-negative and A-negative. Coffee Memorial Center said the summer months mean more people are traveling for vacations and graduations, so they're less likely to donate. However, the need for blood goes up because busier highways, mean more crashes.

Blood is the universal product we all need to survive and there's no substitute for it which makes having an ample supply that much more important.

"We can not wait until we're completely out to rebuild the supply. We have to continuously keep the flow of blood going through so that there's always some available when its needed for emergencies," said Coffee Memorial CEO, Joe McCormick.

Those emergencies go up during the summer.

"Summertime is always a difficult time for us to get enough blood donors in because people are on vacations, schools out, and everyone is busy with summer activities. But the flip side is there's more people out and about and more accidents and usage usually goes up." "when you have a trauma or an emergency one patient can use 40, 50, 60 even 100 units of blood," said McCormick.

You never know when you or your loved one will need a life saving blood transfusion. Craig Sperry's son, Kirkland was just two months old when he got a rare form of RSV that attacked his bone marrow. He needed a blood transfusion.

"If we wouldn't have had Coffee Memorial I don't want to think about what would have happened. It's very possible we could have lost my son's life or his health could have been put in more danger," said Craig.

Kirkland is now a healthy 16-year old and Craig takes Coffee's mission that much more serious.

"I was never a blood donor, until this happened and once my son needed blood. I became a regular blood donor and big supporter of Coffee Memorial."

Coffee Memorial Blood Center is located at 7500 Wallace Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79124, you can go by to donate or call (806) 358-4563 to make an appointment.