Summer jobs available at Wonderland Park

High school and college students are closing the books for the semester, and opening bank accounts for their summer jobs.

One of the busiest parks in town, Wonderland Park, has 90 percent of employees coming right into summer break.

"We have young people everywhere," Office Manager Stephanie Moore said. "But really the youngest workers we have are some of the hardest and most dedicated employees."

The park employs nearly 150 students every summer. They work around summer school and extracurricular activities. Park officials say their student employees work anywhere from 25-30 hours each week.

"This is my second summer here," Alyssa Barraza said. "They are flexible with my schedule, and if you work hard you can move up pretty fast."

Along with Moore, it only took Barraza a summer to go from clean-up to working the rides. For Moore she's now an office manager.

"I love to make people laugh, and when I interviewed that's what I told them," Barraza said. "I knew I 'd love this job."

The park also has an initiative program which high-lights different employees each week for a good deed.

"Everyone likes to be recognized," Operations Manager Isaiah Benavidez said. "If we take the time to appreciate the things they do, they'll continue to work hard."

Names are written on a "Wow Card" along with each good deed, and placed in a box. Then each Sunday managers recognize a few students and they get to spin the wheel for a prize.

"It's just a good first job, everyone should come visit us whether you're working or coming to ride rides," Moore said.