Summer camps for students to keep heir minds working

Students are out for the summer break and often times that break leaves a window for kids to forget what they've learned. But several summer camps around town are helping students avoid that. But several summer camps around town are helping students avoid that.

Summer camps not only keep the kids busy, out of trouble, and their parents hair, but it helps them retain the information they learned through the school year. Pronews 7 is featuring those summer camps in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

The Don Harrington Discovery Center offers a lot for kids. Currently they have their summer camps going on through August 15th.

"It's just a way for the kids to come and keep learning and keep their brains active during the summer while they're out of school," said Discovery Center Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Silva.

Each week holds a different theme, including super hero school. Even if you don't participate in the summer camp, there's enough to keep the kids busy like their traveling exhibit, Treasure.

"They get hands on experience and hands on crafts and they get to play games so they'll get to come and go outside and run around and play games. So not only do they stay educated they stay active and it's a lot of fun for them," said Discovery Center's Many Reid.

The Amarillo Public Library is also hosting a summer reading program by rewarding kids. The goal is to make sure kids read every day to help avoid that summer slide.

"Where kids fall back instead of moving forward over the summer. And maybe they're reading at a 4th to 5th grade level but when they return to school in the fall they've fallen back and they've fallen back and they're not doing as well," said Amarillo Public Library, Cindi Wynia.

Librarians also go to area parks and read to kids who are there for the City of Amarillo Parks and Rec Program.

"We read in small groups sometimes the kids read to me sometimes I read to them they read to each other whatever makes them happy," said Wynia.

It's not too late to sign up for Summer Camps at the Discovery Center or the summer reading program. Click on the links for more information.