Suffering from the flu? How about some naturally occurring proteins?

The flu is in its peak season right now. About 40 states are experiencing wide spread flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

NyQuil, and Tamiflu are popular drugs to help relieve flu symptoms. A lesser known product is Interferon, which is a naturally occurring protein.

"It will help protect your immune system. It boosts your body so it's better able to fight off contaminants," said Robin Johnson, owner and pharmacist at Kings Compounding Pharmacy.

Johnson said it's not as widely known as other products.

Interferon is currently administered as an injection. Johnson said she gives patients a syringe and they drop the product under their tongue.

Joseph Cummins, a local bio researcher, conducted a study in Australia for a tablet version of Interferon.

They enrolled 200 patients who were likely to be exposed to the flu. This included people such as nurses and elementary school teachers. Half were given the tablet version of Interferon, while the other half received a placebo throughout the entire flu season.

Cummins said the results indicated that the tablet was effective in minimizing the effect of the flu.

The Interferon injection is currently approved by the FDA. The tablet version is not yet approved. It's a lower dosage and less expensive, according to Cummins.

Cummins is working to make the tablets into a dietary supplement, similar to the product Airborne.