Students swarm AC campus on first day of classes

"The parking is bad", laughed Amarillo College freshman, Sawyer Freeman, as she described her first parking experience at A.C.

Spoken like a true college student.

Students at Amarillo College flooded the main campus Monday for the first day of classes which, as usual, can get a little hectic.

"First day of classes, lots of action, people everywhere", said A.C. Vice President for Student Affairs, Robert Austin.

"The lines, I had to go get my student ID and that line was long, the bookstore. The lines, they're long but other than that it's okay", added Freeman.

But in general, faculty, staff and students alike seem to be pretty excited for school to be back in session.

"It gives you something to do so you're not just sitting at home", said fourth-semester A.C. student, Nathan Reed.

"I'm very excited to come back, I'm excited to be in college and to start this part of my life so it's exciting", Freeman added.

"We always look forward to the first day of a semester and this fall semester is no different", continued Austin.

For some faculty, that excitement stems largely from the school's brand new Solar Technology Program.

"They can in roughly a couple years , if they go through the whole program , get an associates degree with focus in renewable energy solar or perhaps a certificate. We already have about 15 students in that particular class", said Amarillo College's Director of Renewable Energy , Art Schneider.

That program will be offered at A.C.'s East Campus starting Tuesday.

So far, students and faculty agree they're off to a good start. But not without a little friendly student-to-student advice first.

"Ask questions", said Reed.

Freeman's advice -- "Make sure you have everything and do it all ahead of time, do not wait to the deadline to do it, do it way before".

A.C. 's fall semester enrollment numbers , though not official, are expected to be about what they were last fall -- more than 11,500 students.