Students "Step Up" to success

Los Barrios de Amarillo hosted their 2013 Step Up to Success Conference for middle school students on Tuesday morning.

More than 400 students from the 26 areas of Region 16 gathered at The Church of Quail Creek to listen to guests speakers about life after high school. Information about college requirements and skilled trade programs was offered to students looking to prepare for the future.

The event, also offered to high school seniors in the fall, provided local resources to students for more than three decades. Potter Country Commissioner, Mercy Murguia, who received a scholarship from Los Barrios, served as keynote speaker for the event.

"For me it's very heartfelt because I am a recipient, and really a product of what I feel the organization is doing", said Murguia. "I received a scholarship through Los Barrios, I got to hear different speakers in the professions when I was in middle school and high school".

Los Barrios President, Sarena San Miguel, says early education on college requirements and skilled trade programs helps prepare these students for the years ahead.

"Once they hit high school that's already time to start thinking about your future, and a lot of times they don't understand that. They think middle school is play time, high school is play time, and then I'll think about it".

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