Students overcome disabilites to encourage others

A brother sister duo isn't letting their visual impairment keep them down. They push themselves and help encourage others who have disabilities.

Madison and Collin Rose were diagnosed at an early age with a retinal disease. That certainly has not dampened their spirits.

Pronews 7 is featuring them in this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

"I was diagnosed with a retinal disease. A part of my retina is broken and cannot be fixed through surgery or any medical procedure that we know of and I have tunnel vision and trouble seeing small things like print," said Madison Rose, Student.

"I don't really see out of the side of my right eye. But I can see better with my left," said Collin Rose, student.

However, that hasn't stopped this brother-sister duo from enjoying what life has to offer at Westover Park Junior High School. Madison is in honor band, and student council.

"The band director, he can print the music off on a different sized sheet, make the music larger and on a different color so it's easier for me to see the notes," said Madison.

"If you have a disability some parts like my eyes are defective, so my ears sense strengthens so I can pick up a note easier than someone else probably could."

Collin is Westover's quarterback, and said hard practice with his dad, and color coordination help him.

"During practice we all have the same colored jerseys and we play against events and sometimes we don't. And when we do sometimes I get the receiver and defenders mixed up, so that's why they put red jersey's on the defensive."

Both encourage anyone going through a tough time or learning to fit in, to never give up.

"Keep practicing and don't ever really give up on it," said Collin.

"Anyone that, who does have a disability it always gets better and just try to get involved more if you can," said Madison.

Collin said he'd love to play pro football someday. As for Madison, she recently joined, "A Circle of Friends", a group that helps special ed students.