Students hang with Amarillo healthcare professionals

High school juniors like Stephanie Mendoza spent Thursday morning meeting with local health care professionals at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

"I want to do physical therapy and work with older people."

It was health care career day and about 40 students from Amarillo-area schools participated in workshops about the jobs that are available in health care.

"The more information we can provide them and help them find out if it's something they're truly interested in, the better we'll be," said Steven Pair, the communication and marketing manager.

Many of the students showed interest in health-care-related careers and wanted to know more about future opportunities.

"We're seeing a lot of growth here in Amarillo and nationally," Pair added.

Around 3.2 million health care jobs will be created between 2008 and 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.

The bureau also says health care jobs are ten of the top twenty fastest growing occupations.

"Health careers are very secure, you look at our aging population and a lot of us are getting older. those of us in health care professions are getting older and are looking for people to take our place."

And our aging population will need the young health care providers to take care of them.

"I want to work with elderly people because i like learning about back then," Mendoza said.

So stephanie should to be in luck, earning a paycheck while taking care of our aging society.