Students come back for Fannin History Festival

It may be only the 17th Annual Fannin History Festival, but the event's historical exhibits date back even further than that. So the middle school celebrated its annual history festival with corn-crushing and fencing lessons in what may be the event's last year.

Librarian and Director of the festival, Julie Greene, got the idea from her husband and said the first year, 200 people attended the festival.



ibrarians collect resources



y resources are walking and talking

." Green said.


I think that it relates to history, I snatch them up."


he festival spans from the first primitive man


to modern day soldiers.
Nearly 400 exhibits were displayed on the gymnasium floor, and outside fields, most of them created by the students, all offering a bit of history.

Tay Pennon is a student at Fannin and it was his first year at the festival. "Look at a cow, a dairy cow, see how much she produces a year and a day." he said. "The weird thing is, she produces like five gallons a day, so that's like a lot of milk, that's like five bowls of cereal a day."

Greene said the event is not just for students, but an event for all ages.



e had a little girl, go in to the teepee and say to the
Indian, the Native American, 'Can I ask you a question, I thought you were all dead?' She had made the leap from textbook and movies to the real world and they're not all gone, and that just gives me goose bumps."


to Greene, the event brings nearly 1,500 visitors and although she's planning to retire soon, and not sure if the festival will continue, there's one thing she is sure about. She said when high school and college students still call her to volunteer each year, she knows she's done something right.

Trevor Hoffman has participated in the event since he was a fifth-grader.



kind of understand that after she leaves, it would be hard, because she's crazy to do this

." he said.


t will be sad to stop doing this, but
I'm kind of okay with it because no one can do it like Ms. Greene, in my opinion."


reene sa


the money raised pays for the festival

and nearly 23,000 invitations were sent out.