Student walk-out

A student lead and organized protest happened earlier today at Samnorwood High School.

It all started after high school and junior high students received word on Monday that Head Coach James Rigdon was placed on administrative leave for unknown reasons -- and that's when students decided to have a walk-out.

W e spoke with the superintendent and he had no comment except that Rigdon will meet with the board on Monday.

R igdon himself is still unaware of exactly why he was placed on suspension, but did say the superintendent wouldn't answer that question for him either.

"H e told my assistant coach there was a lot of little things -- he wouldn't tell me -- he told me he didn't have to tell me , but he told my assistant coach that there was a lot of little things ," said James Rigdon, Samnorwood High School Head Coach

R igdon also said that when he found out about his administrative leave he was also told by the superintendent that he had two days to pack up and leave.

R igdon confirms that he will meet with the board on Monday.

Last year, R igdon was named 'District Coach of the Year'.