Storm Titan hits the Texas Panhandle

TxDOT crews work bridges, overpasses and ramps first during winter storm Titan.

If it wasn't for the high temperatures Saturday, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) officials say road conditions could have been a lot worse.

TxDOT crews began patrolling throughout the night. Officials say their main concern is to clear bridges, overpasses and ramps because they tend to freeze a lot faster. Paul Braun with TxDOT said, storm Titan has caused visibility issues for motorists in the Texas Panhandle. Braun said, the storm is cutting visibility down to one mile or less in certain areas.

So far, TxDOT has not issued any road closures, but is asking motorists to stay in if possible.

"Where we're fortunate is that we had warm weather yesterday, and the weather has gotten so cold today that we don't have the freezing rain that we might have experienced," Braun said.

According to APD, officers have responded to less than a dozen car accidents in the area.