Storm takes out power across Amarillo

Powerful storms swept through the Panhandle last night, causing power outtages across Amarillo.

One estimate had over thirteen thousand Xcel Energy customers affected by last nights storm. Due to the nature of the storm, many people were still in the dark early this morning.

"What we had is a lot of tree limbs and trees. Lots of wind damage to individual properties," said Wes Reeves of Xcel Energy, "It happened very quickly, it also happened at dusk. It is very helpful if you can see what's going on and we weren't able to see."

Due to damage on individual homes, Xcel crews had to work on houses without power individually.

"Very early on last night we realized that this is gonna be the type of outage where we have many individual points of damage," said Reeves, "so that's when you start to call in help."

Volunteer crews from Lubbock to New Mexico came by Amarillo today to help restore the power. But some residents weren't going to let the lack of power slow them down.

"We didn't have any power this morning, but we got up. Everybody got ready for work," said Paul Duke, Amarillo resident, "it was just a minor inconvenience, we ate by candle light last night, that was really romantic."