Stores getting ready for state wide tax free weekend

Stores are getting ready for the state wide tax free weekend.

Back to school shoppers will see a tax break from state and local sales tax this upcoming weekend as local stores get ready for the Texas state wide tax free weekend.

Academy Sports and Outdoors Store Director Jon Newman said heâ??s expecting more shoppers in the store this weekend than usual. He said shoppers will be able to buy school supplies ,and even some clothing all tax free.

"If a backpack is ringing up at 19.99, that's exactly what they're paying for it," Newman said.

Items included in the tax free weekend are school supplies under $100 dollars. Other tax exempt items include work uniforms, clothing, and baby items.

Pronews 7 looked up how much the average family spends on school supplies. According to the National Retail Federation, and average family with kids in kindergarten to high school spend more than $600 on school supplies.

Newman said families save up for this weekend to cut those high costs.

"There are a lot of families that save up just for that weekend, so they'll save their paychecks and come that Saturday and Sunday and do a lot of their shopping to save that 8 percent," Newman said.

City Assistant Manager Michelle Bonner said sales tax is the cityâ??s number one source of revenue, but this long time exemption is already included in the budget.

"It's already built into our budget. It's not like we've got receipts we think we're going to get in. As far as budget, we don't anticipate receipts for sales tax," Bonner said.

A list explaining which items are exempt can be found here.

The tax free weekend will start Friday and last until Sunday.