Storage wars come to Amarillo

Assiter Auctioneers partnered with storage unit businesses throughout the Amarillo to host the second day of their storage bidding wars.

Collectors from across the Panhandle made their way to Amarillo to browse rows of storage units in hopes of making a winning bid.

"We go to several auctions during the year. This is just where I thought we might be able to pick up some good furniture or something," said Storage Bidder Terry Calkins. "I need something for my wife and my family. I was glad to come out and see what they have for sale."


any units have been left behind due to unpaid rent for storage, a sudden move, or a death with property left unclaimed.

"The real small units go from anywhere from $25 to $50," said Calkins. "The bigger ones could be $300 to $500, some up to $1,000 or more if there's good enough material in them."


uction attendees


the bidding wars help clear out abandoned units, as well as help storage unit businesses regain lost profits.

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