Stinnett residents divided over K-9 death

Luna's autopsy came back to suggest the dog died from an apparent heat stroke after being left outside for 36 hours.

Stinnett Chief of Police Andrew Trahan said in the eight months his officer had Luna (K-9 dog) there had never been any problems, and the situation that occurred in July was an accident.

"He returned from a trip at about 7:30 p.m. and Luna was dead inside her kennel," Trahan said.

According to Trahan the officer left Luna outside, locked in her kennel with plenty of food and water.

"What we think happened is somewhere during the course of those 36 hours she knocked her water bowl over," he said.

Trahan said his officer usually has someone take care of Luna when he leaves for training that can last up to a week, but he said this time that wasn't the case. The department had Luna taken to Amarillo for an autopsy. It came back suggesting Luna had died from a heat stroke, this has residents in Stinnett divided on the issue.

"They are attacking him as a father now, saying that he would do this to his own child; he would never do this to a child," Lori Beagle said.

While some still say the officer should have taken extra precautions if he had planned to leave for more than a day.

"He should have provided for the animal, had somebody come check on her or take care of her while he was gone," Johanna Jarvis said.