State Representative Ken King discusses education in Pampa

State Representative Ken King visited the Pampa Chamber of Commerce to discuss this year's legislative session...more specifically he talked about education.

It was King's first go around at this year's legislative session that started in January, but that doesn't make him a stranger when it comes to education.

King said, "HB5 was signed by the Governor and what HB5 is going to do... Number one, it's going to reduce the number of tests our high school students have to take from 15 to five exams. After that, it's going to offer more career and technical support for our kids."

The House of Representatives and the Senate both passed bill 1926 which will open up opportunities for high school students to take online classes from the Texas Virtual School Network.

King said students can now register for classes that aren't offered in their school.

"Education, we're going to see a big change, and we're already. The superintendent's telling me they're already implementing those changes and I think everything was positive."

The Director of White Deer Land Museum, Courtney Oxley, said the high school students who volunteer at the museum show a strong desire for more online classes.

"I think that the bill that's with the online learning is really going to help them to be more versatile to choose a career path and encourage them to follow that path," Oxley said.