Start texting at the red lights?

      In Amarillo and Canyon certain cellphone use in the car may soon be prohibited.

      " I'm guilt y of it as much as I hate to admit it," said WTAMU student Krystallyne Robinson.

      " I think we're all guilt y of it, " admitted her friend Michael Miller. "W hether we're willing to admit it or not."

      T hey are talking about texting while driving.

      It seems to be something everyone is talking about.

      T he Amarillo Traffic Commission met Monday morning to discuss new data it has collected.

      " I f this wasn't an issue we wouldn't be looking at it. We're out for safety," said DJ Stubben, who is on the committee. "We are all volunteers and we are devoting a lot of time to this."

      C anyon City Commissioners also met Monday evening to go over a new ordinance.

      Randy Criswell, the city manager said it is very simple.

      "B asically it just prohibits the use of a cell phone while your vehicle is moving ," he said. "F or any purposes except making a phone call."

      T hat means you could still send a quick text while you are sitting at a red light.

      " I f you're looking at it too long, the guy behind you is gunna let you know ," Criswell laughed.

      B oth Amarillo and Canyon have been discussing a ban on cell phone use while driving for some time. And people are beginning to wonder if anything will ever be done.

      " W e want to be careful before we move ahead ," said Stubben. "W e're not out here to find one more law or rule for people to follow . We're trying to make sure these are things we can do to make the whole city safer."

      B ut, is a ban on texting, or certain cell phone use, really enough to get us to stop?

      " I would be more careful if I saw a cop , " admitted Robinson.