Spring Crops and Ag Day in Etter

The irrigated wheat at the North Plains Research Field near Etter is looking pretty good. There are a number of varieties on display.

Texas A&M AgriLife researcher, Dr. Jackie Rudd says, "the top varieties in this area are TAM 111 AND TAM 112. TAM 304 is another one thatâ??s been out for awhile and outstanding performance under irrigation."

Freeze and drought this year has greatly affect area wheat.

Bryan Clift of Wheat Producers of America says, "Weâ??ve seen a reduction in the amount of grain in the head. Itâ??s too early to tell because right now is when that seed is making. It will be interesting to see how much grain we end up with in the end. The dryland guys are probably the hardest off cause theyâ??ve not been able to produce a wheat crop in three years. Itâ??s going to be tough for the dryland guys to get through. The federal subsidies insurance has been a big saver for that.

There were several presentations at the event in connection with wheat research.