Spring break in the panhandle

For most people spring break is a time to relax, go on vacation or just get some extra time in with the family.

"We do a lot of things over spring break. We like to take them to places like this, the Discovery Center. We go to the park, we play games, and this year we're actually going skiing," said Jennifer Williams.

"Well we definitely like to get out of the house, and so we will probably do some time at the Discovery Center. We'll probably go to the library, pick up a few extra books, maybe an extra DVD and definitely hit park," said Colette White.

Work and school require so much time away from home, so it's this time families enjoy most.

"We get to spend a lot time with the kiddos that we don't normally get to spend because they're in school or working," said White.

Kids enjoy spring break and the discovery center for other reasons.

"We just don't get to be at school a lot and i get to ride around on my bike," said Blaise White.

Kaitlyn Bellis said, "so far at the Discovery Center, I've seen snakes, a porky pine and a hissing cockroach."

"I like spring break because it's warm, I like to go to the park," said Ashlynn Tisdale.

In case you don't have spring break plans, The Don Harrington Discover Center has a few events scheduled to "ward off spring break boredness."

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