Spike in motorcycle accidents has riders on alert

A recent spike in motorcycle crashes in the area has local bike riders worried about their safety.

"My girlfriend was in her truck, I was on my motorcycle, I turned around to make sure she was coming to follow me and I turned out and the next thing I know I woke up at the hospital," said Motorcycle Rider Clive Weaver. "The car was coming the opposite way of me and they just turned into me and just kept going."

That crash left Weaver with a shattered leg, but no answer as to who hit him. That's why local motorcycle safety enthusiasts are warning motorists to pay extra attention when driving on the road. They say the number one reason for an increase in motorcycle accidents is due to drivers not paying attention.

"Nobody looks around, they're on their cell phones," said Weaver. "As many motorcycles as there are out there you've got to look around because all the motorcycle guys are paying attention to what they're doing." Dean Downey from the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association agrees. "In over half the accidents, the first thing that a motorist says that hits a motorcyclist is that they never saw us," said Downey.

With warmer temperatures come perfect conditions for motorcycle riding, which means more traffic on the streets."Warm weather does bring out a lot more traffic and with that, unfortunately, an increase accidents, injuries, and fatalities in the area," said Downey.

Expert riders say there are some steps bikers can take to avoid being hit.

"Don't go out here and ride after you've been drinking," said Downey. "Wear a helmet, wear the proper riding gear, and just do all you can do to make yourself visible to the motorist as well."


eaver just wants motorists to be more aware of the other wheels on the road.

"Slow down and look around and make sure that there's nothing there before you turn or you take off

," said Weaver.


People just need to slow down and look around more."