Spearman High School students win McKnight Scholarship

It's that time of year when students are getting their acceptance letters and applying for scholarships. Two Spearman High School Seniors found out they're the recipients of the McKnight Leaders Scholarship. Gena Hargrove and Taylor Williams received the scholarship after being nominated and completing several task. It was a scholarship open to all Region 16 students. Pronews 7 is featuring their accomplishment in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

It's no secret, a college education can be expensive.

"It's increasingly becoming more expensive and we want to help students any way we can to help them get money and help them pay for that higher education to make a college degree a reality," said Spearman counselor, Krista Baird.

So Mrs. Baird, who's Spearman's counselor, works with the students to get them scholarships. The McKnight is one of those.

"Ross and Billy McKnight of Canadian they choose a certain number of students like you have to get nominated and then you go and apply online and they choose a certain number of students to give their money to," said Spearman Senior, Taylor Williams.

The scholarship will waiver out-of-state tuition to OSU and pay the girls each $5,000 over the first two years. Hargrove is pursuing a career in education. Williams is focusing in business.

"I got into the Spear School of Business and so I'm hoping to go into international business or marketing," said Williams.

Williams said finding out she won was a big surprise.

"It was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was just kind of like when they told me I was just like are you serious?! I was on the phone and she was just like yes!"

"Both girls are very deserving, been very involved in school and have paid a lot of attention to their academics," said Baird.

That's how the girls were chosen. Both have excelled in leadership and extracurricular activities.

Hargrove was unable to do the interview, but said she is equally excited about the scholarship. Meanwhile, Williams said she has also been presented with a chance to study abroad.