Spearman High School freshman get comfortable with campus

Freshman at Spearman High School are getting their introductions out of the way before their first day of school. About 55 freshman students were invited to the school Thursday for FISH Camp. An afternoon dedicated to helping the newbies get familiar with the campus, fellow students and schedule. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

Spearman's student council started the camp off with a little song and dance to help welcome this year's incoming freshman to Spearman High School. Thursday is their day for the camp. A camp designed to take the scary out of entering high school.

"They're nervous anyway about starting and so by letting them acclimate to the high school and find out their surroundings, their classrooms it just enables them to be a little less nervous on their first day of school," said Spearman High School guidance counselor, Krista Baird.

The freshman went through an orientation of what's expected of them, and then were handed their schedules to roam the halls and map out their classes. Alongside them to help, upper classmen.

"I was really scared because for some reason we only have three halls I would get lost really bad and I was afraid of the teachers and afraid of all the big high schoolers," said Spearman High School Junior and student council member, Klara Keim.

For the freshman, they say they thrilled to feel more like grownups. This is the third year for the FISH Camp and school officials say it will continue for years to come.