Spearman hero severely injured while serving in Afghanistan

A local hero putting it all on the line fighting for our freedom, has been severely injured overseas.

22-year old Jeremiah Frost from Spearman enlisted in the Army in June 2007, a year before he had even graduated high school. But Jeremiah knew defending his country was what he was born to do, even after being injured while on deployment in Afghanistan.

It's the kind of news Army parents are terrified to receive.

"I heard somebody banging on the door and it was Kylee his wife. She just, when I opened the door she said Jeremy's been hurt," said Stacie Ruga, Jeremiah's Mom.

Jeremiah Frost, Spearman hometown hero and sergeant in the army on tour in Afghanistan, had stepped on an IED.

But to appreciate Jeremiah's sacrifice, you should first know his story. A young energetic kid, raised in Spearman with a knack for running.

"Track, absolutely, track was his number one thing, he was a hurdler which made mother nervous," said Stacie.

It was in his Sophomore year though, Jeremiah met someone he didn't want to run away from.

"It was actually our Sophomore year and, I've had a crush on him, you know, forever," said Kylee Frost, Jeremiah's wife.

The two were married in November 2010, but Jeremiah was set for a nine month tour in Afghanistan starting in March this year.

"The first few weeks were definitely the hardest, I didn't know, how I could do it without him I got through it so(starts to cry)," said Kylee. "He's been there three months, and so we were thinking six more months! We've got this made you know, we're a third down".

Which brings us back to Friday morning.

"I got the phone call and, it wasn't any normal phone call that I receive, so I knew instantly that something was wrong," said Kylee.

Jeremiah was alive, but severely injured. But finally early Saturday morning, the family received a welcomed phone call.

"We did get a phone-call, he called his wife this morning, Kylee and, he is still kind of drugged up and that kind of stuff but, he's off the ventilator and was able to speak," said Stacie.

Though the extent of the damage is still unknown at this point, what is clear is Jeremiah, is coming home.

"I get to spend the rest of my life with him now so, just thanking God that he his coming home to me," said Kylee.

The family is still gathering details as to the extent of his injuries. But the family remains excited and hopeful for his return to Spearman.