Southwest Airlines to reduce flights out of Amarillo

Southwest Airlines will reduce the number of flights out of Amarillo starting August 2014, according to city officials.

Currently, there are seven flights from Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport to Dallas Love Field, but starting August, there will be only five flights.

The flight changes come with the expiration of the Wright Amendment, which requires Southwest flights from Dallas Love Field to touch down in Texas or surrounding states. Starting October, Southwest flights from Dallas will not have to layover in secondary cities like Amarillo.

Southwest and Amarillo officials met March 12, 2014 to discuss how the expiration of the Wright Amendment will affect travel to and from Amarillo.

â??Bottom line, hereâ??s what they said. We probably wonâ??t have as many flights, but weâ??re going to have as many seats,â?? Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gary Molberg said. â??So what theyâ??re saying there is, those days of us flying out of here with half full planes arenâ??t going to happen. We have to justify our flights is what it amounts to.â??

Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole said he stands with Southwestâ??s decision to reduce the number of flights out of Amarillo because â??Southwest is making adjustments to meet enormous financial challenges.â??