Sole survivor of Houston murders speaks out

Ronald Haskell is charged with six counts of capital murder after he murdered all but one in the Stay family.

CNN -- In an amazing show of strength, Cassidy Stay, 15, spoke just days after her entire family - mom, dad, brothers and sisters - were all murdered in their home.

She was shot and critically wounded, but played dead until gunman left after killing her parents and four siblings, ages 4-13. Her call to 911 resulted in saving the lives of her grandparents, and the subsequent arrest of Ronald Lee Haskell.

He entered into the home and demanded to know the whereabouts of his estranged wife, who is related to the victims.

During the public memorial for her family, Cassidy thanked the first responders, nurses, and doctors who helped her to survive. She said she was sure that she would see her family again one day.