Social media helps woman find puppy rescued from fire

Meet Fizzle, rescued by a member of the Amarillo Fire Department. He was taken into custody by Animal Control until his owner picked him up.

Social media saves the day! A Facebook post helped to reunite an Amarillo woman with her puppy after he was rescued by a firefighter during an apartment blaze.

Christina Romero said earlier this week her apartment building caught fire. The one thing she was concerned about was Fizzle, her one-year-old Chihuahua, she said.

"That was my main concern - my dog," Christina said. "I could care less about mostly anything else. I was so worried about him."

Christina said she continued to search the web for any news on the fire at her apartment. That's when she stumbled upon a photo Pronews 7 posted on its Facebook page. The photo was of her puppy, who had been rescued by a firefighter.

"I kept looking to see if I could find anything new," she said. "Then I saw a picture of him and I was like 'that is my baby!'"

The real heroes of the day- the firefighters. They work to rescue those of us on two legs and even those of us on four legs.

"I was crying a lot just to know he was safe," Christina said. "I was really happy that he was OK. I was really upset though that it was my apartment but I was happy."

Christina's apartment suffered only smoke damage and Fizzle had only a few cuts and scrapes.