So long, Summer. Hello, School.

Sunday is the end of the tax free weekend and the last day of summer freedom for students and teachers all over the Texas Panhandle.

The 2011-2012 school year begins Monday morning, and a lot of people were out and about on Sunday salvaging what was left of their final summer vacation.

Third-graders Jaten Lee and Keegan Villanueva spent their afternoon at the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

"I wish summer lasted all year long," said Lee.

Jody Sullivan made a mid-morning trip to Target with his daughter to get last-minute school supplies.

"The shopping's not bad if you come early," he pointed out. "But the tax free weekend has been busy."

And high school Algebra teacher and baseball coach Gilbert Curiel said he's looking forward to a new school year and a new chance for his baseball team.

"I'm ready for the improvements we as a faculty are going to make this year," he said. "I'm in it for the kids, and they've been hitting the weights to push forward to making it to the playoffs this year."

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end and the chatter in the high school hallways is about to begin. Friday night lights, exams and homeroom are some of the first signs of fall.

And those signs will come into view bright and early Monday morning.