Snow cleanup begins after record-setting storm

Crews have been working around the clock to clear arterial roads in Amarillo.

"As of this morning, we have all of our snow plows out, we have all of our motor graters, we have all of our loaders, and that's all street department equipment. That group's been working constantly with shift rotations since Sunday at about midnight", says Amarillo City Manager, Jarrett Atkinson.

Arterial streets and roads surrounding medical centers are the number one priority for city snow crews.

"The priorities will always be the arterial streets. We have 7 routes set up that we work through the arterials. In addition to that, all of the medical center is a priority. We were able to keep equipment out here and stay on that all day yesterday through the storm", says Atkinson. "We do not bring those plows and that equipment into the residential area, we just can't. So we'll focus on the arterials once we get that open, we'll begin to move and do some of the collector streets".

Atkinson says roads should be navigable by Wednesday morning. Until then, he suggests that all residents stay off the streets unless of an emergency.

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