Snow brings hazardous highways to Amarillo area

Snow landed in the Amarillo area Sunday evening that could cause multiple hazards on area roadways.

The Texas Department of Transportation has prepared to keep these roads as safe as possible.

"Once things begin, that's when we start to decide what we have to do. Whether, it's going to be plowing or sanding or just taking care of the ramps and bridges," said Paul Braun TxDOT Spokesman. "But the way things sound, our biggest concern tonight is going to be the blowing snow and visibility."

Braun said your safety is their number one priority with keeping the roads drivable.

Crews will be working overnight and as needed through the first sighting of winter weather.

TxDOT has also asked for your cooperation in not crowding them and in helping them keep everyone safe.

"Big thing people need to be concerned about is bridges and over passes those are the things that freeze up first before anything else," said Braun. "Also, visibility can be a problem as well; you need to drive for the condition. Look out for slippery conditions on the bridges and over passes. We'll be treating those and if you get into a situation where the visibility is just to bad slow down so you can react better."

When a quick reaction isn't enough, being prepared can get you through a bitter cold situation.

"Make sure you have the things in the car that you need. Warm clothing, just in case you do slide off the road and are in a ditch. You need maybe some water and food, things like that, until somebody can come and get you. It's basic winter survival tips and basic common sense, just to be ready for weather like this," said Braun.

Braun said roadways will be clear and safe for Monday morning traffic.