Snack Pak 4Kids helps reduce hunger in Head Start programs

More than 5,000 students in 30 school districts benefit from Snack Pak 4Kids, but lately the youngest children to take home a weekend snack pack are only 3-4 years old.

Educational leaders at Region 16 Head Start's Cleveland and Nelson campuses have a total of 46 children who utilize the program.

Dyron Howell of Snack Pak 4Kids said, "Children would come in and literally just lay on the floor, and would scream and cry because they were hungry.

Howell said he received a letter from Principal Kelly Kenedy Friday expressing concern in the number of hungry children she sees each year. Kenedy continued to say with the program's easy referral process, its by far the most "effective resource to stop child hunger."

Head Start and Snack Pak 4Kids have worked together for nearly one year.