Snack Pak 4 Kids moves to a new warehouse

Snack Pak 4 Kids is getting accustomed to their new warehouse at 2406 S.W. 3rd Avenue. Snack Pak 4 Kids started by one man with one goal in mind, to end weekend hunger. What started as a small program serving 10 kids, has expanded to feed more than 5,000 in 30 communities.

In four years, Snack Pak 4 Kids has expanded tremendously. With that came a lot of moves, in fact, they've had to move five times in just four years to accommodate that growth. But now the organization is hopeful it's found a permanent location.

Dyron Howell is the founder of Snack Pak 4 Kids. He has seen a need in our schools to end weekend hunger.

"It started at my house in Bushland September of 2010 when we had realized kids were going hungry on the weekend," said Howell.

He quickly moved his operation to this tiny storage unit. But the need for those snacks grew, so the organization then moved to a small room in church, then two warehouses in downtown and finally their new warehouse at S.W. 3rd Ave. "Just the thought of moving is overwhelming but when you move a program that's growing five times in four years. It has been an interesting journey and it's been an amazing journey," said Howell.

Debby Rutherford is a the principal at Humphrey's Highland Elementary. Her students have been receiving the Snack Pak's since the program first started. "Before Snack Pak 4 Kids were in our elementary schools our kids would go home on the weekend hungry they would come back to school hungry on Mondays tired, sometimes they would catch a cold a lot easier than other kiddos," said Rutherford.

These stories echo in schools across the Panhandle. That's why Howell said the need for a permanent location equipped to handle growth is essential.

"A facility like this allows us to continue to grow to meet the needs of all our kids here in Amarillo, as well as to continue to serve those outlining communities as well," said Howell.

But there's a catch for Snack Pak 4 Kids to stay in the building."Right now, we have to raise $750,000 by November 1st and so we have a generous group of donors that said that they will help fund the rent right now. All of our rent pays down on the building. But by November 1st, we have to have the entire money raised."

The capital campaign will also raise money to make improvements to the building.

"Snack Pak 4 Kids makes a difference in a child's life. It can be the difference between going to college and not going to college," said Rutherford.

To learn more about the capital campaign, click here.