Snack Pak 4 Kids in need of volunteers for 'Aww Shucks' project

Farmer David Cleavinger reserves an acre of his land in Wildorado for the Snack Pak 4 Kids 'Aww Shucks' project.

Take 20,000 ears of corn and double that...that's how many ears Snack Pak 4 Kids plans to distribute to families in Amarillo in less than two weeks.

"We work with the Amarillo school district closely on this project," Snack Pak 4 Kids Director Dyron Howell said. "We hope to feed more than 4,000 families this year."

Howell said the idea came from his grandparents who used to give from their garden to the neighborhood children.

"For me that's where it started," Howell said. "So it's great to see our farmers giving back to the community."

Farmer David Cleavinger reserves an acre of his land in Wildorado for the project, and this year one of his neighbors did the same.

"Last year we picked about 18,000 and so this year we're thinking double," Cleavinger said. "Itâ??s really neat to come out here the day of, and watch everyone picking the corn. They actually get the chance to see where their food comes from."

According to Cleavinger for years farmers have sprayed bacteria on the crops in order to ward off bugs, but within the last two years they've come up with something even better.

"They took the protein from that bacteria, and put it in these plants, so the bug comes along, doesn't like the plant and flies off," Cleavinger said. "You don't have to spray for worms, so it's much healthier."

The group plans to pick the corn Aug. 16, 2014 at 8 a.m., but its in need of volunteers.

"We're thinking about 300, because last year we had a little more than 100, but this year we have twice the amount of corn," Howell said.