Snack Pak 4 Kids helps the hungry

Snack Pak 4 Kids is a program that's working hard to end weekend hunger for children living in the Panhandle, but now they're taking the program a step further and making sure their families have access to fresh, nutritional food as well.

A cornfield on an early morning is a usually peaceful, quite place, but that wasn't the case Saturday's, August 10, 2013 morning on this field in Wildorado, Texas.

Numerous people gathered at farmer, David Cleavinger's field to help harvest and bag around 15,000 ears of corn to be delivered to Amarillo ISD Schools for pick up.

"We had the principles at six elementary schools let the families know that this corn will be available," said founder of Snack Pak 4 Kids, Dyron Howell "These are the kids and their families that we feed during the school year. We feed over 25 hundred kids in the Amarillo elementary school system."

After learning how to properly pick corn, volunteers worked diligently through a specific section of the field to gather corn in five gallon buckets.

It was then bagged and loaded onto two semi's to be delivered to those schools in the Caprock, Tascosa, and Palo Duro Custer's area for families in need to pick up for free.

"I was really tired in the beginning, like getting up and just straggling along, but when I got here it was really worth it," said volunteer Ashlynn Fisher "We got here and they showed us how to pick corn and it went really well."

As many know, farming is an expensive business and the charity of Cleavinger really stands out because he donated his land and grew one bag of seed, which in turn will help thousands of hungry families.

"I think this just goes to show what one bag of seed can do to help a community. I made available a sack of seed and just planted it and said lets feed it to people that need it," said Cleavinger "It shows the research and technology that's gone into seeds these days and how we're gonna feed the world."

Volunteers were all smiles knowing they were working for a good cause, but they also were treated to some yummy sweet corn after the work was done.

Fisher said the highlight of the day for her, was knowing she was helping other kids, but was also able to step out, be bold and take part in a community effort to help others.

"I think what makes me feel good is the community seeing the number of people that want to be a part of helping our community," said Howell "It is the best feeling knowing that we have a community that wants to support the people in need."

Howell said he hopes to hold another corn picking in the future and to continue adding different produce to the program.