Snack Pak 4 Kids feeds the minds of AACAL students with career experience

Snack Pak 4 Kids is about giving hungry youngsters a voice and having them help each other. So, what better way to do that, than invite the students at the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning to design the organization's new logo?

But what started as a school project, transformed into a real career experience for these students.

By now, we have all become familiar with what Snack Pak 4 kids stands for and its enormous impact it's had in keeping hungry kids fed on the weekend.

"Our whole program is about kids. From feeding kids, to kids helping kids. And I had tried the traditional route of other organizations or companies creating logos, and I thought, why don't we approach our kids and see what they can do," said Dyron Howell, founder of Snack Pak 4 Kids.

So Dyron approached AACAL to help. Giving high school students guidelines to follow on what he'd like incorporated. What they created, simply put, is awe inspiring.

"They created the thing from soup to nuts. The new tag line the new branding that we'll have with our program, plus the logo. So, it's not just a logo, it's a branding," said Howell.

"When I first found out we were going to do the logos for Snack Pak 4 Kids, I felt very happy because it's a wonderful charity and I can kind of relate to it. To know I was actually going to be helping, to make a fantastic logo, I tried my very best to make the best logo as possible," said Melina Blanco, AACAL Junior.

Try, these students did. Turning the project into a career experience. The students, each individually created their own look. Some even incorporating what the logo and design would look like on t-shirts, the website, and business cards. Presenting their ideas to Dyron and advertising business members during several meetings.

"It gave us a feeling of how it could work when we're doing our own stuff and doing our own graphic designing. I'm really glad that he brought in two graphic designers that are in the field that we're working with and so that gave us a feel of what they do," said Jasmine Uy, AACAL Junior.

"It gave me real insight on how the real world works and how everything just seems after high school and college education," said Blanco.

Helping out a charity and giving these students exactly what they say they crave, experiencing what a career is like.

Many of the students say they want to pursue a career in graphic design and this project helping them realize that.

As for Dyron, he says the project opened his eyes to the incredible work our students can do. Adding, he is looking forward to finding future opportunities to work with students and bring them in on special projects.