Smithee ready for second special session

Representative John Smithee of Amarillo says leadership will know what to expect and will be more organized in the second Special Legislative Session beginning July , 2013.

The filibuster by Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis and the subsequent outcries from the gallery prevented two abortion bills from being signed before the deadline.

So the Governor called the second Special Session to repeat the Legislatorâ??s efforts.

Smithee says "it became nothing more than a mob sceneâ?¦Literally the mob made so much noise the Senate couldnâ??t conduct a vote before midnight."

He says, in the new session, leadership should be more prepared.

"It could have been done very easily {passage of the abortion bills} had it not been for the delay. Hopefully weâ??ve learned a lesson this time. My hope is we go to Austin. We do the publicâ??s business as quickly as possible, we quit spending money and we come home."