Smithee: Much ado about nothing

Quoting Shakespeare, Representative John Smithee of Amarillo says the anti-voucher amendment passed by the House Thursday during budget considerations was "much ado about nothing."ã??

Using public money for private schools has long been a debate in several legislative sessions. The amendment prevented public money being used for private schools.ã??

Smithee voted for the amendment and it passed by wide bipartisan support.ã??

But Smithee says, " The Legislature cannot pass substantive law through an appropriations bill. All the amendment said is you canâ??t use general revenue to pay for vouchers. Thatâ??s the law in Texas. We would have to change the law and approve vouchers."ã??

Bushland Independent School District Superintendent Don Wood says the idea is sound. "Public education is funded by public funds.ã?? Private education should be funded by private funds."