Smash or Pass websites-students voting on wanting sex

There are some new pages showing up on Facebook where students are asked to look at photos of other students and decide if they would want to have sex with them.

Amarillo has at least three "smash or pass" sites, linked to campus affiliations, but not directly associated with the high schools, and students can either "smash" or "pass" a student virtually voting yes or no.

Bullying experts like Paula Ward say these sites are worrisome and they suggest monitoring your kids to make sure they don't participate.

"I think it's a form of cyber bullying. It's an abuse. It's just to me like an R-rated don't need to watch it, you don't need to hear it, you don't need to see it and you don't need to allow them to look at it it. I would put my foot down and say, "you're not looking at it."

Below are the links to the local smash or pass sites, we invite you to view them and leave us forewarned, the language is very graphic.

Smashorpass Rebels Palo Duro CaprockSmash OrPass Smashorpass Sandies

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