Slimy snails are sneaking in!

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Though the current moisture has been good for the Texas Panhandle, it has brought some unwanted creatures out of hiding.

Snails and slugs are making their way toward the flowerbeds and gardens, and some people have already begun preparing to get rid of them. Home remedies as well as store-bought products are being used by people all over Amarillo.

"Lay a board slightly elevated in the garden and the snails will migrate under that to protect themselves during the daylight hours," Potter County AgriLife Extension Agent Brandon Boughen said. "And you can simply turn it over and dispatch those creatures at your discretion."

But if homemade traps, beer and salt (not beer salt) do not work, there are products available that have been proven to be more effective.

"The other thing you can do is use some bait," Coulter Gardens & Nursery Floor Manager Kenneth King stated. "Hi-Yield Slug & Snail Bait would be a good one. There's also a bait called Sluggo that's safe for pets. And then the last thing is a product called Deadline. It's a liquid, so you do a quarter-sized dot every four or five inches and let them be attracted to that."

King advised people to do a little housekeeping around the flowerbeds and gardens. That, he said, might help people to control their snail and slug problems and prevent them from having to break into the 12-pack of beer or spend money on bait.

"Clean up your vegetable gardens and flowerbeds from any debris or anything that's real shaded right there- any stones or anything like that. That's where they're going to be coming from."

He also recommended laying Eucalyptus mulch, which he said is the key ingredient in repelling snails and slugs.

Boughen pointed out some people may want to stop watering their yards as much.

"If you are noticing a lot of slug or snail activity and you irrigate on a very frequent basis, you may want to decrease those frequencies and make it a little drier in your garden environment," he said. "And that will help keep snails away."

Whether you choose homemade or store-bought remedies, rest assured snail control will give you a better shot at having the best gardens of the year!