Sleepy Hollow PTA: We're more than a funding machine

      S tudents at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School aren't first on the list to receive money from the state, which means the school must find an alternative to provide students with what the state cannot...In this case it's the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

      PTA Board Member Melissa Hightower has a second-grade student at Sleepy Hollow. She said it takes a combination of parents, teachers and community members to help fund a school.

      T he PTA at Sleepy Hollow has 30 members, and according to Hightower, her group is not just a funding machine.

      " W e don't receive a lot of the state funding that those Title I schools receive." Hightower said. "However what is a huge aspect to our funding is as PTA we provide our fundraising along with a lot of parent educational opportunities."

      T hose opportunities include programs that help parents stay involved in school activities. The PTA at Sleepy Hollow hosts seminars during the year about bullying and nutrition; seminars that parents and students can attend together.

      K atie Milligan is a kindergarten teacher at Sleepy Hollow. She said the participation from parents keeps growing, and this year nearly 400 parents are enrolled.

      " W e work so hard and some of our closets may not be supplied as well as Title I schools, but that doesn't stop us from making sure students don't always get what they need," Milligan said.