Sleepy Hollow Elementary students display hearts for Sandy Hook victims

Students at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School have come up with a unique idea to remember the victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

The fifth grade class, with help from a parent volunteer, decided they would paint some tiles, then create a mural. An Amarillo business chipped in with some finishing touches. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

The students created a wall of heart tiles carefully placed just this week in the fifth grade hallway. It's a mural to remember all those who died tragically on December 14, 2012.

"We wanted to support them by painting hearts for them and then in the middle is the heart," said 5th grader, Jake Proffer.

Heart is Sleepy Hollow's theme. It stands for help others, express kindness, act safely, respect everyone, and take responsibility. Shelly Young, a parent volunteer, decided to incorporate that into the project.

"We all are connected with our hearts. We put our hands to our hearts because they actually use their hands to make all of the hearts, there are no paint brushes involved. So they wanted to put their hands kind of to their heart and say we support you," said parent volunteer, Shelly Young.

Witt Flooring made sure the project came together by donating material and labor.

"It makes us feel good to be able to help the community specially for the circumstances we are dealing with," said Witt Flooring's Arthur Smith.

The kids say they really enjoyed using their fingers to paint and give back to other students.

"I thought it was kind of fun because we got to paint and we got to get messy but I also thought it was fun because I like to help others and specially other people who have had real hard losses," said Proffer.

"I had lots of fun because we got to be out of class and I love art," said 5th grader, Rachel Young.

It's a mural that will last through generations.

"That's pretty cool when you can show future generations this is when your father was 10 years old and I was his teacher," said 5th grade Math teacher, Kim Giles.

Young says in the next few weeks, she hopes to get the students to pose for pictures in front of the mural. They will then send them with a letter to Newtown, Connecticut.