Skip the chicks; stick with peeps!

Easter is just around the corner and in many families the Easter Bunny brings baby chicks, ducks and bunnies.

But many animal experts say it is better to stick to peeps than the actual baby chicks.

"After Easter time people will go out and buy the cute little chicks and bunnies and ducks," said Debra Hall with the Amarillo Humane Society. "When they get big, people just don't want to mess with them anymore. We start seeing a lot of bunnies and ducks brought in."

Gebo's farm and ranch store says they always see an increase in sales around Easter.

They have already sold 260 chicks since March 2.

But when those chicks, turn to chickens, many people do not realize the responsibilities.

People end up dropping off their Easter pets in area park, the humane society and even the zoo.

"We get so many of those calls and we just don't have the space or the resources to take in those unwanted pets," said Mike Boley with the Amarillo Zoo.

so before you pick up a basket full of cute, baby animals make sure the new addition to your family is something you really want.


all says that anytime you


thinking about adopting an animal

, not just during Easter,

to do your research and make sure it


a responsibility you really want to take on.