Shoveling snow takes inches off waistline

For some local residents, shoveling snow can be a tedious task, but other might be happy to know that it can also serve as a total body workout.

"It is a total body workout. You're working you back muscles, your core, your arms and your shoulders, and a little bit of your legs. At the same time you're getting a great cardio workout

", says
Gold's Gym trainer, Lacey Luna.

Along with toning and tightening core muscles, it also serves as cardiovascular activity to get the heart rate moving. Shoveling can keep the heart rate elevated for a long period of time, while maintaining a healthy blood circulation.

While shoveling snow can promote heart health, it also helps take inches off the waistline.

"Depending on how much you weigh and how intense the exercise is typically 150 pound person can burn 220 calories per hour

", says Luna.

She also says the reason many are sore the day after shoveling is because the workout targets unused muscles.

"If you come to the gym everyday you're used to doing these type of workouts. And then you shovel snow, you're going to use other muscle groups that you're not used to using


Luna advises residents to stretch before removing snow.

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