Should the sale of fireworks be banned this year?

The Panhandle's Fourth of July night sky might be a little darker than normal this year...

"If the drought index continues to climb then we'll have the legal right to ban all fireworks come July 4th" said Randall County Commissioner Robert Karrh.

Our extremely dry conditions and the recent raging wildfires have both Potter and Randall counties considering fireworks bans.

Even Potter County Commissioner H.R. Kelly admits, "We can't afford to have anybody setting off fireworks anywhere in the county or in the city."

Already, the use of any aerial fireworks is banned in Randall county, which include bottle rockets or anything with a fin or stick attached to it. there is no fireworks ban in Potter county-- at least, not yet.

"I would certainly consider banning the use and sell of fire works if that is brought before the commission then I would certainly be encouraged", said Kelly.

Banning the use "and" sale would undoubtedly hurt fireworks stands and spoil a lot of fun for avid fireworks poppers... so, is a ban really necessary? Both Potter and Randall county commissioners answer without hesitation-- a definite yes.

"But I would certainly vote that we do ban fireworks, especially this year", says Kelly.

"Just one little accident with a firecracker or some kind of firework just set off, has the potential of hurting a lot of people", said Karrh.