Should the Grand Street Bridge be named after Manny Perez?

Manny Perez

Some Amarillo residents want the new Grand Street Bridge to be named after the late Manny Perez.

Perez was known for his years of service to Potter County, including serving as a County Commissioner for more than 20 years. He died in October of 2011.

His longtime friend, Ray Kirkman wants to continue his legacy with the bridge being named after him, especially since he was a big supporter of the project.

"Because he saw why it connected southeast Amarillo to northeast Amarillo and that's what the citizens wanted," Kirkman said. "That's what they supported, that's why Manny was always at the very forefront of getting this bridge built."

Perez wanted the bridge built for motorists in the area who were frustrated with having to wait for passing trains.

The multi-million dollar project started in April of 2012 and is nearly complete. The service roads are expected to be complete soon.

Kirkman asked residents to show their support for the naming of the bridge at a meeting on Thursday evening at the east branch of the Amarillo Public Library.

"We need all citizens to be there and help support and let them show that east Amarillo wants this bridge to be named in honor of Manny Perez," Kirkman said. "That is why manny was always at the fore front of getting this bridge built."

The resolution will be presented to the Amarillo City Commissioner next Tuesday.