Should liquor be sold on Sunday?

UPDATED, January 31, 2011, 6:50 p.m.

With Super Bowl Sunday just on the horizon and people usually stocking up their liquor the night before, some people may wonder why aren't the liquor stores open on Sundays?

Well the state legislature is trying to change that long standing tradition.

They say that it could help raise an extra $7.4 million in tax revenue for the state.

But what would that mean for stores themselves?

"The state thinks they can get revenue, they're claiming they can get a seven million dollar revenue out of this passage, which means they would make $29 every sunday out of each liquor store which won't pay us opening," said Tony Handley, Owner of M & R Liquor.

Some people might see this as a desperation move by the state to make up the budget deficit.

"Because we got a budget deficit they're just reaching for nickles and pennies where ever they can get it and it would just cost everyone more money if we were open."

Handley also said that he beleives 99 out of 100 owners would agree that they provide enough business being open six days a week.


Could allowing liquor sales on Sunday really help Texas get out of the red? Some lawmakers think it could.

If state lawmakers did away with that long-standing tradition and let liquor stores in Texas open on Sundays, it could generate an extra $7.4 million in tax revenue for the Lone Star State, that's according to a recent Legislative Budget Board report. Liquor sales on Sunday is just one among several suggestions for raising revenue.

No bills have been filed to lift the ban, but it is among recommendations the Legislative Budget Board listed in its recent "Government Effectiveness and Efficiency Report" which suggests ways for state lawmakers to save or generate state dollars.

The law banning liquor sales on Sunday is known as a blue law, and various such laws have been in place for hundreds of years, prohibiting the sale of certain goods on Sundays, the traditional day of worship and rest. Most of those bans were removed in 1985, but one still prevents auto dealerships from selling vehicles on both weekend days.

We spoke with a local liquor store owner to get their reaction on about the possibility of being open on Sunday. Check back soon to find out what they had to say.

What do you think, should lawmakers do away with this blue law, and allow liquor sales on Sunday? Weigh in with our web poll below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.