Shoppers storm the stores as snow approaches

As anticipated many supply stores were busy selling all of its snow shovels and ice melt to those who were preparing for the storm.

Lowe's was as busy as could be with shoppers loading up on the necessary supplies to make sure they can escape their home after the expected panhandle blizzard.

"We've seen a lot of traffic as far as people coming in and getting snow shovels, we also have snow sleds, we sold a lot of those and the last two days, also ice melt. We've sold a lot of ice melt, I still have a lot of ice melt left, but I'm down to my last few snow shovels left," said Lowe's Assistant Store Manager, Cory Halsted.

"Just make sure you have ice melt at house, and a snow shovel to play it safe. Make sure after you're shoveling off your walks, you're putting down ice melt and just take it slow and be careful."

We caught up with one man who was making some last minute stops to make sure things go over smoothly for his wife and sister.

"Just doing some grocery shopping before the snow hits, not knowing how much snow we might get or how long the roads might be bad. I'm trying to make life a little easier on my wife and sister," said Todd hatter.

Hatter says he also hit the grocery store in preparation for the storm.

Halsted went on to say when you are applying the ice melt, it doesn't hurt to lay one layer down before you shovel and another layer down after you are done.