Shoot Out MS aims to put bullet through disease

We've all heard of Bike MS and Walk MS, but you may be a little unfamiliar with Shoot Out MS.

It's a competition involving a clay shoot and shotguns that's aimed to help find a cure for MS.

The founder said it's a two day dream, for every Texan.

"I got diagnosed with MS in 2008, New Year's Eve," said Shoot Out MS Founder Tami Phillips. "I lost my job because calling in sick and because I would have a relapses."

MS affects everyone differently; everything from your emotions to your mobility. It was through the MS Society that Phillips found support.

"The MS Society had helped me out, and I couldn't repay them enough," said Phillips. "You know, your pride gets in the way and there are still a lot of people out there that won't admit they have MS, they kind of keep it behind closed doors."

Phillips said what the MS society did for her is near, and dear to her heart. She decided she would do everything she could to support the society. After she left an MS conference she found a way to pay it forward.

"We live in west Texas and what do Texans like to do? Shoot," said Phillips. "So I came back home with this brilliant idea and I told my husband, I said, what do you think if we had a clay shoot to raise money for the ms? He said, I think that's positively, absolutely wonderful."

This years Shoot Out MS, is May 17 and 18. An auction and dinner will be hosted Friday evening followed by the competition on Saturday.

It's a clay shoot involving a 10 stand obstacle course and a five stand corporate shoot. Overall, Phillips hopes for one thing.

"Just the thought of knowing that they helped someone," said Phillips.

Last year's Shoot Out went out with a bang, raising more than 21,000 dollars. This year they're hoping to raise 35,000.

For more information on registration, click here.