Shift the Amarillo Atmosphere, community praise and worship

Sunday is known as a day of worship and that is exactly what the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Amarillo had in mind when they invited the community to enjoy a free night of praise and family fun.

Sam Houston Park was the place to be. This gathering was not your typical concert as different Christian bands from hip-hop, rap, to traditional praise, rocked the outdoor stage offering a little something for everyone.

The community and members from different churches are gathered to sing, dance, pray, and enjoy good food at the Shift the Atmosphere event.

"We want to tear down walls between ministries, churches, cultures, whatever, because it's not about people. It's not about a certain group," said Pastor John Craig "It's about what God's doing in Amarillo and bringing people together. We are tearing down these walls for His purposes."

Hosted by IHOP, the mission was to reach out to everyone by showing their love for God and sharing it with people. A group prayer showed that no matter the denomination, people can all praise and stand united as a body of Christ.

The music, offering praise to the Lord, was very moving to many.

Pastor John Craig of Life of Worship explained where the idea to host this event came from.

"Back when the Tribes of Israel went to war, the Tribe of Judah always went first. Judah means praise. They'd always send the praisers out first because it brought confusion to the enemy's camp." said Craig "We bring that praise and we bring that worship because it's a unifying factor, it brings people together into one accord, and it just does something to start tearing down strongholds."

The joy in the hearts of attendees was evident as they clapped, sang, and danced to the tunes.

"It means a lot to me to see all these people praising God, because he transferred me from the darkness to light," said James Milligan "It means a lot that we have salvation. It means that we can be alive and we can be free to be called upon in the name of Jesus to worship and praise."