Sherman County residents wonder when they can buy alcohol

Sherman County residents have been waiting since they first turned into a wet county in November of last year for alcohol to be sold within their towns.

Two Stratford businesses have already begun the process to obtain liquor permits. They had to first go through the city and then the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission.

"We started learning the process since we've always been dry," said Sherman County Judge, Terri Beth Carter. The TABC provides businesses that seek to sell alcohol with education and training so that they will be fully prepared.

The TABC says their part of the process typically takes 45 days. However, they only received applications from both businesses on January 8th and January 11th. Once the TABC is finished with their applications, it will go back to the county where they will hold it for five days. They say residents can expect to buy alcohol in about roughly four to six weeks.